#LentenThoughts . . . Laetare Sunday



Fourth Sunday of Lent

Today is what is known as Laetare Sunday. Similar in nature to Gaudete Sunday in Advent, today is a day for rejoicing with pink being the colour of the day! We have passed the midpoint in Lent and can now look forward with longing to the joys of Easter!

Traditionally, this Sunday is also considered a day of relaxation from normal Lenten rigours! So, rejoice, relax and be of good cheer today…and maybe enjoy that piece of chocolate or cake!!…





Text and image source: Jamberoo Abbey https://www.facebook.com/1567391160191012/posts/pfbid0yhKuP21jtXYKu385omvz2KATsLbqHopbKzcWVqvDyDmh6mwHrdQ17DWoduBakdhDl/?mibextid=Nif5oz


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