2022 Last Full Moon loading……



The Last Full Moon of 2022
In Gemini, occurring Dec 7th @ 11:08 PM EST

A Full Moon is a time of illumination, culmination, and completion. Full Moon’s shine light onto situations that were once confusing or fuzzy around the edges. We see things clearer. We finish our goals and see the first fruits of our labor. Some of us really feel the feels, but that’s only because of what we now see so clearly. Clarity is eye opening and that can be quite emotional. Whatever you are feeling is 100% valid.

December’s Full Moon is in Gemini. Gemini governs intelligence, logic, thought, communications, and day-to-day travel. This energy influences us to express our needs and wants. If we’ve been biting our tongues over something, now is the time to compassionately let it out. So, don’t hold back.

The polarity between the Gemini Moon and the Sagittarius Sun is that of the individual mind(Gemini) and that of the higher self(Sagittarius.) We are being asked to find a better balance between our personal quest for truth, versus the truth our higher self is trying to tell us. What we think we need, compared to what we legitimately need. Draw that line in the sand and set those personal boundaries.

With Neptune’s recent retro transit + the Full Moon’s energy could arise tension, conflict, and/or arguments from unresolved issues. The Universe is encouraging us to purge and weed out what’s no longer aligned with our current healing journey. This gives us time to reflect on what really matters to us. What do you want to let go of before you enter 2023?

This Full Moon is amplifying the need to go beyond what is right in front of us; in our desperate search for freedom from the mundane. Adventure is calling to us through the stars. Have some much-needed fun before 2022 comes to an end and go out with a bang!

Moon and Cactus





Text and image source: The Soul Journey with Sarah Moussa https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0wxMmvgRdXsEuQsP4KwnfTaQnUTMDb8w2QBrGSqFyd9qwMMx8ZnMhysp995QFFKaol&id=100069505335894


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