High recognitions . . . Then, these great and small beings were friends and helpers.



“Not only did God have His servants among human beings, but the whole Universe was filled with them. They lived and worked in every form….

“At one time, when men were not so evil, and still complied with God’s Will, all human beings could see them. Then these small and great beings were friends and helpers to them, indeed even teachers. That was a life brimming with joy, for it is glorious to feel oneself surrounded everywhere by help and love.”

(Lao-Tsé – https://bit.ly/books-OGT) a Portuguese translation of the life and work of the Forerunner mediated in The Grail Message book series.





Text and image source: Garden of Illumination https://www.facebook.com/1433140463620723/posts/pfbid036ZJapATUyjDMgPL3ZPeSnRWBaQCtLECi5pY3px6UVNLeJCSyeg1gZ7SoQ5hhWkUbl/


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