Celebrating World Animal Day!


Today is World Animal Day. Animals are not just beasts, food/sports items and pets. They are much more: like humans, they are conscious sparks(essence) that have taken on form in their unique species.

And in their higher forms, they could be found in the Luminous Heights of Creation; even in Realms that we earthmen with all our pomposity and self-pride can never reach. Think of the Magnificent 4; the Lion, the Eagle, the Bull and the Ram worshipping and guarding the throne of The Almighty. No human spirit, no matter how evolved or mature has ascended to such heights….. food for thought for another day.

Today as we celebrate nature and the creatures around us, let us reflect on the words of Cacey Mell:

It is time to recognize that what we are doing to the planet
and the other animals we share it with is wrong.
When we acknowledge that we are all just inhabitants
of the same home, all one, all earthlings
who possess the same will to survive
who are capable of experiencing emotions
and who yearn to be free from oppression
only then will we achieve that oneness.

  • Cayce Mell





Image source: Charter for Compassion https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid026WnucFidNwmbDtnmHQwv9Zpg6dpY2CN22CktcntLqRad4XhpopoU78K3sjwxQJ2xl&id=100064888471545


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