#FromTheMinaret . . . Pressure creates beautiful things.



The Sheikh asked me, “ What is the cheapest rock on this planet ? “
I replied, “ Coal “.

And what is the most costly one ? “
I replied, “Diamond “.
The Sheikh further asked, “ And what are both made of ? “
I answered, “ Carbon “.

He continued, “ That is right and you know what is the only difference between the two ? “ ” Pressure “.

Pressure creates beautiful things and when Allah (swt) tests you with different situations, it is because He wants to shape you into the most beautiful thing possible. “

~Sufi Saying





Text and image source: Sufism – Around the World https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02csTB5EKMyWLPYfXMDd49S4d3CR24PrERcjYvZH8QUqg4CQLzTKf5EnW8Hn7nFmnkl&id=100041655566525

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