Full Moon Blessings!


The Sturgeon Super Full Moon on August 11/12th
The Moon is in Aquarius and Sun is in Leo, and there is a dance between fire of Leo and waters of Aquarius. It is a time to take a deeper and detached look on our passions, motivations and drivers. We need to find a middle point to balance out these contrasting energies. In addition, this Full Moon is in a conjunction to Saturn, the ruler of time, order, restrictions, and boundaries. Therefore, we need to cultivate emotional maturity and intelligence to face the restrictions and challenges, but still move towards our dreams and goals.

The August Full Moon name came from the native tribes of the Great Lakes area because it was a perfect time for catching the plentiful fish.




Text and image source: Rivers in the Ocean https://www.facebook.com/222770714439924/posts/pfbid0dibNTJT6n5g5ciKhTUz7onPErB4ZdSpgHQ6BKoP5KYtUd4ra2L2so6Sfns4FfbS1l/

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