High recognitions . . . In the Realm of the Eternal Gardens


“In the Realm of the Eternal Gardens the blessed spirits have a ruby Chalice in their most holy Temple. From it they draw all the strength they need. Do as they do. If your belief is pure and genuine, God will also fill your Chalice with His Power.”

(Lao-Tsé – https://bit.ly/books-OGT) a Portuguese translation of the life and times of the Forerunner mediated in The Grail Message book series.





Text and image source: Garden of Illumination https://www.facebook.com/1433140463620723/posts/pfbid0CetwdtFjjL9bQvzLiJTU16oP9zTARymAiSHDS8j5ydFJUVocjadqeR88m2LTxCmZl/

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