High recognitions . . . The precious lamp without oil.

.“Lie-Tse sent him a small precious oil lamp, but not a drop of fuel for it. Li-Pe took delight in the gift, inspected it from every angle, but had no idea what to do with it. If only I had oil! he cried aloud. This lamp is so beautiful. How wonderful it must look when it is lit. No sooner had he uttered these words than the meaning of the gift became clear to him. His people were like a precious lamp. But it lacked what was required to make it shine. He was to bring his people this oil: the knowledge of the Supreme One.”

(Lao-Tsé https://bit.ly/books-OGT) a Portuguese translation of the life and times of the Forerunner mediated in The Grail Message book series.

Text and image source: Garden of Illumination https://www.facebook.com/1433140463620723/posts/pfbid0bvqNeq26CL6kRPFKLhNmkDRbr4U8jY8iEYfUftNBGYZ1QWt4ks17CFL63huCSFULl/

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