#PoeticThursday . . . Hedge Witch!


Hedge Witch

She sits at night, spinning spells of love and luck,
Splashes incense over hair and hides it under a rock,
Chanting affirmations through a darkened midnight mirror,
Making talismans with earthly blessings for the wearer,
Waxing moon, waning moon, full or half or crescent,
She will make pain go away, or teach someone a lesson,
Your deepest wishes she will grant, for that is what she does,
She draws upon the ocean tides without a hint of fuss,
But never will she use her power to hurt, or maim, or kill,
A hedge witch only beckons love, but not against the will,
An alter made from beauty with the softest female touch,
And vestments worn with good intent, to teach us all so much,
Next time you see a hedge witch, tilt your head and say hello,
As she may find you love some day, and you might never know…

By Eileen MacGreevy.

Art by Stephanie Law.

Text and image source: Petie Barre https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=683826506039416&id=100032362197041

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