New Week Inspiration 💕🌞 . . . In times of fear, stress and uncertainty…


In times of fear, stress and uncertainty, I ask my angels, holy guides and loved ones passed to be with me and wrap me in love.
I close my eyes and bring my awareness into my heart and ask for it to align with my soul and the goodness of my highest self. I pray to be fully present, heart centered and engaged body and soul.
I imagine a beautiful, loving light surrounding and filling me with spiritual certainty, serenity, humor and love. I breathe in light and breathe out stress.
Placing my hand over my heart, I remind my body that I am a beautiful human vessel of love and well being. My purpose is to be joyful.
I release fear and imagine I’m being held in divine grace and healing. I am grateful and at peace in this moment no matter what is happening around me.
I bless and thank my holy guides, God and angels for being with me. Then, breathing in and out slowly, I release all tension out the soles of my feet into the ground of Earth and off my shoulders to Heaven’s sky.
I become my breath and own my highest vibration of love and peace.

– Jody Doty ❤️☀

Text and image source: Writer, Blogger, Life Coaching

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