Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day
A very Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers and to those special people in our lives who mother us – or have mothered us – in so many ways.

Today, as most of us celebrate in freedom, let us continue to remember and pray for the people of Ukraine, especially the mothers who hold such grief in these dark days: those who have lost husbands, children, family members; those hiding and holding their children in underground shelters, those behind the scenes cooking, sewing, tending, praying, those fleeing in buses and trains and on foot, those terrified, grieving, crying.

To them and all mothers, we pray today for “a simple gladness”… perhaps a shot of courage, a word of comfort, a kind touch, a deeper breath … that latches onto them as grace, as hope, as loved shared across boundaries. Amen.

Blessing the Mothers

Who are our
first sanctuary.

Who fashion
a space of blessing
with their own being:
with the belly
the bone and
the blood

if not with these,
then with the
durable heart
that offers itself
to break
and grow wide,
to gather itself
around another
as refuge,
as home.

Who lean into
the wonder and terror
of loving what
they can hold
but cannot contain.

Who remain
in some part of themselves
always awake,
a corner of consciousness
keeping perpetual vigil.

Who know
that the story
is what endures
is what binds us
is what runs deeper
even than blood

and so they spin them
in celebration
of what abides
and benediction
on what remains:

a simple gladness
that latches onto us
and graces us
on our way.
~ Jan Richardson
Image ~ Michael Leunig

Text and image source: Jamberoo Abbey https://www.facebook.com/1567391160191012/posts/3355791408017636/

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