Full Moon Blessings!


Beaver Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19!

The celestial energy of this Full Moon and eclipse is intense and transformative and can bring some unexpected changes and breakthroughs. It is not a good time for new beginnings, instead it is better to slow down and take care of yourself physically and mentally. Sensual Taurus is ruled by Venus, so don’t forget about self-love, and treat yourself to something wonderful.

Here are symbolic names for the November Full Moon from the different Native American tribes:
Abenaki – Freezing river maker Moon
Algonquin – Much white frost on grass
Anishnaabe (Chippewa, Ojibwe) – Freezing Moon
Arapaho – When the rivers start to freeze
Assiniboine – Frost Moon
Cherokee – Trading Moon
Cheyenne – Deer rutting Moon
Choctaw – Frost Moon
Comanche – Heading to winter Moon
Cree – Moon the rivers begin to freeze
Creek – The water is black with leaves
Haida – Snow Moon
Hopi – Moon of fledgling hawk
Kalapuya – Moving inside for winter
Lakota – Moon when winter begins
Mohawk – Time of much poverty
Passamaquoddy- Frost fish Moon
Potawatomi – Moon of the turkey
Pueblo – Moon when all is gathered in
Shawnee – Long Moon
Shoshone – Cold Moon
Sioux – Falling leaves
Winnebgo – Little bear’s Moon
Wishram – Snowy mountains in the morning Moon

– Rivers in the Ocean
Photo by Ivan Soloninka

Text and image source: Rivers in the Ocean/Teresa De Jesus Lopez https://www.facebook.com/222770714439924/posts/4719929241390693/

3 thoughts on “Full Moon Blessings!

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