Anti-aging cream….Or…. you could just go get older…


Anti-ageing creams,
pills and potions,
anti-ageing masks,
scrubs and lotions,
put them on your skin,
to smooth away the years,
pat around your eyes,
your neck up to your ears.
And don’t forget your hands,
they will give the game away,
they show the years you’ve toiled,
they must be hid away.
Keep your body trim,
and the skin must stay elastic,
if you’ve worshipped too much sun,
you can always add some plastic,
but don’t look too ‘worked on’,
because that’s not seen as right,
your youth should be all natural,
you must fight the ageing fight.


You could just go get older,
with the lines this life has carved,
the years you laughed and lived,
the years you did not starve.
Ageing is not something,
that we women should avoid,
it’s a gift of time and years,
that not all of us enjoy.
And Mother Nature knows,
the beauty of the years,
she paints us all with love,
If only we could see.
There’s wisdom in these wrinkles,
there’s starlight in our hair,
there’s evidence of growth and love,
the stories we can share.
So join me in our ageing,
let’s love the skin we’re in,
protect it, feed it, help it sure,
but let the ageing win.
Because here’s a little secret,
if you want to look alive,
acceptance of your journey,
will see your body thrive.

~Donna Ashworth

image | Cindy Joseph

.Text and image source: Midwives of the Soul

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