…go ahead and Pray

.You know that prayer can get you into places you can’t; prayer changes things. Even better, prayer changes people, and people change things. So go ahead and pray.

  • – Iyanla Vanzant

Text and image Credit: Iyanla Vanzant https://www.facebook.com/150253431674197/posts/4895167683849391/

10 thoughts on “…go ahead and Pray

      • Thankyou. Not so wise, full of strange information result of meeting George King in1958. I must be the last of those witnessing the formation of The Aetherius Society.
        The price of Curiosity is more weird information.
        Have you heard of the interdimensional “Army of The Silver Legion”?
        Lady Tanaamath is the earthly connection. She has some interesting things to say about different species volunteering.


  1. All part of the teaching of George King who was revealed as a Cosmic Master in an Aspect from Mars. You would like his Biography which it contains metaphysical knowledge in the tradition of Theosophy, and personal experiences of some who were devoted in service.
    The Aetherius Society continues quietly spreading the word freely offered to all.


  2. „Dynamic Prayer as taught by George King allows you to radiate the power of Love, as it passes through you from the Sun.“

    This is wrong and only a stupid and uneducated person van call this: „ … insightful thought from your deep well of wisdom…“

    A prayer is so different than what you call a prayer!
    The description or terminus: „Dynamic Prayer“
    shows me, how far away you all are from the true meaning!

    Lion of Light


    • Try it and feel the power flowing through you, especially after saying The Twelve Blessings.
      It is a way for sending healing to the world, and contributes to save us from a permanent dictatorship.
      Hands joined together are in contrast keeping the energy in. In one of The Twelve Blessings Jesus referred to such as “Surface Prayers”, in the 6th.Blessing.


  3. I really appreciate your internet friendship, and the likes that you put on my posts. Your work is very good, and I encourage you to continue with the same degree of excellence that you put into all of you work. Please consider how your articles may affect other people, people who live around the world, and that, unfortunately, you will probably never meet. Still, you bless people with you facts and ideas, and will bless even more, as time progresses.


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