In the velvet darkness of the night.


In the velvet darkness of the night ,
shines the sliver lady bright ,
her light touches ; meadow and tree ,
mountain top and shady lea ,
the farmhouse’s stately thatch ,
the cobble stones , the window latch .

The silvery light moves on so soft ,
twinkling her way o’er brook and croft .
Frosty boughs and crisp fallen leaves ,
the stone and quartz beneath the eaves .
Her light falls tenderly upon the bed
Caressing gently a sleepy head .

The darkest shadows deepen still,
in the old oak wood upon the hill ,
Where deer meet in a moon – beamed glade .
And a vixen stirs within the shade .
On Glimmering wings a Barn Owl flies
Wing’ed death in ghostly skies

Snowy swans upon the black lake
create chrome ripples in their wake .
A shimmering mist lays like a veil
gossamer thin , Shining and pale
Twinkling diamonds glint in the streams
on lustrous ribbons lit by moonbeams

When new day dawns once more
to break the spell of ancient lore ,
As all that have slept will arise
She’ll glide serenly to other skies
taking her ever watchful light
She moves eternally with the night

by Janey Stevens
Artist Amanda Clark

Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

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