High recognitions . . . The Festival of the Pure Lily is upon us


The Festival of Purity is upon us…

“It is womanhood, the woman, whom the Creator once choose to be the Guardian of the Flame of Holy Longing for the Light in all His Creations, bestowing the most delicate intuitive ability upon her for this purpose!

She came into existence in order to absorb the radiations of the Light without hindrance, and to pass them on in the purest way to the man as well as to her particular surroundings.”


7 thoughts on “High recognitions . . . The Festival of the Pure Lily is upon us

  1. Happy festival
    In these dark times we must be thankful
    Of these connections to the light .

    I will share a experience I had
    I am not special just a human being !
    What I experienced was something all should be able to experience in nature !

    I have been very ill and the darkness was getting too me in these times of the Great world happenings.

    I went for a walk in the woods .
    The sun shone like Crystal on the ocean
    It sparked through the trees .

    Roe dear were running in the fields
    My heart opened and tears fell down my face music was plying from my earphones that set the beautiful Sean .

    The grass was emerald green a deep green that brought great peace to my spirit. I then perceived little light forms pass me by ! To me they looked like butterflies 🦋 with light glowing from within them …

    I noticed that more and more would pass by me . Then I thought ?! Could these be the little elementals that I have so longed to see and asked if they mite help me and revile themselves to me should I be so blessed.

    I look further into the grass and saw that one such light being landed on the grass, it became transparent and glowing disappeared in to the green grass.

    The experience was overwhelming yet all very natural just as nature is !

    I thanked these little beings of light for showing themselves to me and calming my anxieties and fears .

    How blessed we are how wonderful is the Almighty’s creation.

    Give thanks to the Almighty for his everlasting love and great goodness




    • Thank you for sharing this deeply stirring experience. Thanks for your modesty and unassuming attitude; you may not be special but, you sure have a special connection with the beings of nature. Thank you for a wonderful Festival gift and may I be granted the opportunity to continue to read your insightful thoughts/experiences in future.


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