High recognitions . . . breathing exercises and spiritual development

….. There are many schools giving breathing instruction at this time, and many exponents of breathing as a means to spiritual development. It has nothing whatever to do with spiritual development. It has much to do with psychical development, and its practice leads to much difficulty and danger. It is possible for instance, to become clairaudient or clairvoyant through the practice of certain breathing exercises, but where there is no true understanding of the process or right control by the mind of the “versatile psychic nature”, the practicer has only succeeded in forcing entrance into new fields of phenomena. He has developed faculties he is totally unable to control, and he finds very often that he is unable to shut out sounds and sights which he has learned to register and being helpless to escape from the contacts of both the physical and the psychical, he is torn in two directions, and gets no peace. Physical sounds and sights are his normal heritage, and naturally make their impacts upon his senses, but when the psychic world – with its own sights and sounds – also makes an impact he is helpless; he cannot shut his eyes and remove himself from undesirable psychic surroundings.

Text and image source: From Intellect to Intuition (Alice Bailey) – Daily Quote https://www.facebook.com/230374843750597/posts/4166123296842379/

One thought on “High recognitions . . . breathing exercises and spiritual development

  1. one must also be aware, that there are those, who carry the Spirit from above, and it’s the story of covid; can we find space inside for the Spirit from above to abide therein, many people are unaware of the immense power, that the Spirit brings, according to Jesus Christ, amen


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