#Omens&Symbols . . . Woodpecker


Tap, tap, tap. Again and again, Woodpecker sends out Morse Code to the world. What does it all mean? Woodpecker symbolism is tied to communication and resourcefulness. Woodpeckers find the hidden treasures in a tree’s trunk which sustain them. What treasures do you need to hunt for within the tree of self?

If you are walking in the woods, there’s no question that Woodpecker can grab your attention. The Woodpecker knocks at our awareness. Are you opening that door?

Shamans and Wise people liken that Woodpecker’s hammering to the sound of the drum. In the human world, the reverberation of the drum is akin to a heartbeat. It is an instrument that’s part of so many rituals and ceremonies that it deserves an honoured place in our spiritual pursuits. So perhaps Woodpecker reminds us to return to the simple, life-giving sound of our heart and listen well to its message.

Native Americans tell us that Woodpecker represents journeying into the astral plane. He is the emblem of messengers and prophets alike. Some find the Woodpeckers incessant tapping annoying, but there is a reason for that. Do you know the phrase, “don’t shoot the messenger”? People often struggle with the messages we get from Animal Spirits, Guides, and Teachers. Prophetic messages are often misunderstood. So, Woodpecker will continue his work until you sort those important lessons out.

The Romans associated Woodpecker Spirit with Mars, a planet with high, energetic vibrations. Astrologically Woodpecker has ties to Aries because Mars rules this Zodiac sign. Like the Woodpecker, the Ram is determined. They will finish what they start and keep repeating their wisdom until someone really listens. Woodpecker and Ram also both have a habit of initiating new things. They keep at that goal, pushing and pecking through all obstacles for success.

In the wild, Woodpeckers love Oak Trees; this bower represents strength, stability, wisdom, durability, and like the Woodpecker Spirit, prevailing. Other keywords and characteristics associated with Woodpecker include communication, attentiveness, determination, opportunity, active listening, solutions, inventiveness, omens, progress, instinct, tenacity, perception, wisdom, and the rhythm of life.

Anytime Woodpecker Animal Spirit comes into our world, it’s trying to hammer out a truth or a solution. There are ways around barriers. We just have to figure them out.

Art by Kovacs Anna Brigitta

Text and image source: Serendipity Corner https://www.facebook.com/582555271766012/posts/4329175903770578/

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