High recognitions . . . The Festival of the Holy Dove approaches


Behold the approaching Grace of the Light Father!

The whole Creation is spellbound,
Anxiously awaits,
Awaits, awaits, awaits,
In great expectations,
All the animals in the bush, mountains, oceans, elements and indeed all the creatures await this august occasion.

Except man, and man alone
Who goes about in Creation
Without a faint recognition
Of the immense Grace
Being bestow on him
To experience and wander in this wonderful Creation.
Being permitted a single minute to breathe!

Mankind, what have we done to ourselves.
Even when Messages from the Light have repeatedly bequeathed to us
And we blatantly turned Them down.

Behold the Dove approaching on the day of the renewal of strength

Lord may we be permitted to absorbed from Thy inexhaustible power.


Text and image source: Andrew Ezeudegbe https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2143269802481658&id=100003959785265

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