Goodnight . . . Fireflies


A lake softly shimmering, in the evening’s sunset glow,
Fireflies are dancing above it, moving swiftly to and fro,
Like a shower of confetti, they gyrate in a swirling mass,
Hovering over the surface, lightly humming as they pass.

Sparkles of light flickering, whilst they quickly skim, advancing
Across the water, each one striving to fulfil the art of prancing,
As if, in one mad moment, held fast in a rhythmic trance,
They become, totally mesmerized, by the magic of the dance.

With all these fireflies parading, they are, such a wondrous sight,
Their grand display, becomes a vision of absolute delight,
Thousands of them have gathered, to join this vast array,
Each one glittering with luminosity, at the ending of the day.

By Ernestine Northover

Artist Annie Stegg.

Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

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