Just your memory, and a tear.

A whisper in my ear
Did I hear
My dear
And for a moment, you were here
O, but there was no fear
Just your memory, and a tear

Poem written by Athey Thompson
Art by Daniela Drescher

Text and image source: Tales of the old forest faeries https://www.facebook.com/1045777198801716/posts/3699101826802560/

2 thoughts on “Just your memory, and a tear.

  1. the wonder of that inner feeling, the world might feel cold, mood swings, the look in the eyes of others, can I really be me, then the recall, the smile in the eye, the sweet feeling, you are worth it, it says, and then the darkness runs, I imagine in these times, when there are so many signs, it’s times square in a nutshell on a Friday night of old, there are many finding hope, while demons cringe, knowing what has awoken all around the world, amen


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