Some parents never give up…

Some parents never give up. They never give up directing, controlling and interfering in their grown children’s lives. It is a parent’s right to worry. It is a parental obligation to be concerned. It is also a parent’s duty to know when to let go and step back from the front page of their child’s life.

  • Iyanla Vanzant

Text and image Credit: Iyanla Vanzant

4 thoughts on “Some parents never give up…

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  2. I want to take a moment here, in response to you, to honor my dad, he is my father, but as a child saying dad was easier and fun so I still call him dad.

    As you said sometimes parents get involved in a childs life where the parents may seem interfering. Both my parents seem to enjoy doing it. But my Dad is very smart, he has some good advice and I enjoy my time with him.

    Unfortunately I have a mental health disability called schitzophrenia and it has really stressed me and my dad.

    I just wanted to share how grateful I am that I have my dad. Despite my disability and poor health he has remained my best friend.

    Good job to my dad, and all the other fathers out there.

    God bless.


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