Amazing Nature . . . From caterpillar to butterfly




This transformation
begins in the spinning
of the soul,
hanged upside down,
massively re-arranged,
motion light.
By inch the radical
takes place
the old is decomposed,
the gruesome has been destroyed
melting into something
What has seemed to harm you
brought you to life.

  • Tara Estacaan

photo credit: Yuichi Kageyama – unsplash






Text and image source: The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees


7 thoughts on “Amazing Nature . . . From caterpillar to butterfly

  1. My life story testifies that this is indeed the case.
    When my head was broken, God brought me back to life through the hands of a surgeon to testify to the love of being here and now.
    When Butterfly was put in a plaster, he became a hiker in the art world


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