Full Moon Blessings!


Full Corn Moon in Pisces on September 2nd.
This Full Moon will intensify our emotions, sense of insecurity and confusions that everybody continues to experience on the personal and collective levels. The water sign Pisces invites us to contemplate the lessons of water and its healing, nurturing and restorative properties. Water can gracefully handle any obstacles by facing them without stopping and by effortlessly finding the way around them. It teaches us to be fluid and flexible, and not to fight the boulders on our path, but to find new ways to evolve and grow with a life flow. Water teaches us connectivity and relationships between all living spices and surroundings. We are all connected. It is beneficial to spend time by the water and find calmness and balance between our heads and hearts.

<3 @Rivers in the Ocean





Text and image source: Rivers in the Ocean


5 thoughts on “Full Moon Blessings!

  1. our thoughts are like streams of water, they can go to many places, hopefully, they are life enhancing, it’s why Jesus called his words, the life giving water, his ways enhance all that is life giving, and leaves you wanting more, his words don’t pollute, amen


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