Full Moon Blessings.



Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and Lunar Eclipse on July 5th!
The Full Moon energy combined with the lunar eclipse power of evolutionary changes initiates a profound process of reflection, cleansing, and transformation. It is a powerful time for the emotional growth and release of old attachments and paradigms that have been overgrown and become barriers to achieve the harmony with yourself and the world. Look deeply into your heart and listen to its whispers that have been tacked away in the noise of daily life. Open yourself to an inspiration and wisdom of the natural world and its cycles and bring divinity into your life by manifesting your creative longings without fear or judgement. Cosmic power of eclipses gives us an extra supportive energy to break from the old and invites us to ride this energetic tide to embrace the change and create the new us and reality.

July Full Buck Moon got its name because buck deers start to grow new antlers at this time.



Art by Katelyn Gannon

Text and image source: Rivers in the Ocean https://www.facebook.com/222770714439924/posts/3249906801726285/

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