Happy Fathers Day!




To all of the dads who cultivated a garden instead of paving a path. To the fathers who teach a love of the land, and the stewardship of nature. To those who plant seeds and trees…and those who save them for generations to come.
Thank you for teaching us to notice and respect the essence of wild places, family and the natural world.

— John Forti

art | James Mingo





Text and image source: Midwives of the Soul  https//www.facebook.com/1178412278984719/posts/1761513424007932/

4 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day!

  1. Great prose ! There is something unique about the bond between fathers and daughters. It is extraordinarily special, sacred and beautiful. To celebrate Father’s Day my youngest daughter Alize sang “Papa Can you hear me?” – Barbara Streisand – The song is like a prayer and really touches your soul. You can listen to it if you go on my website – https://authorjoannereed.net/happy-fathers-day/. Definetely worth a stop-over.


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