A Dedication to Mothers who knew Nature’s Secrets and served us

My Mother was a Herbalist
Who lived to ninety five
And with her pills and potions
She kept us all alive!

She boiled her herbs – in a big black pot
She had a big black Cat
Some say she flew on a Broomstick
But we won’t go into that!

January was DANDELION
Whose juice could cleanse our biles
Was brewed for Granddads piles!

March brings out the PRIMROSES
A cure for your rheumatics
April sees the STICKWORT bloom
For wheezers and asthmatics!

May brings all the BLUEBELLS
Whose roots are used for starch
June grows the scented MEADOWSWEET
Whose mead your thirst will parch!

July the bold PETUNIA
With Heinz cures fifty-seven
August brings purple KNAPWEED
Which makes you feel like Heaven!

September blooms the FEVERFEW
A cure for any fever
October’s YARROW’s good for you
You’ll all sing like a Diva!

November comes the LEMON GRASS
Gives out a fine aroma
December juice from MIStLETOE
Will cure your worst hangover!

Aloe Vera – Silver Sage and Golden Golden Rod
Gingo – Evening Primrose and Periwinkle too
Boil them up they’ll cure your bod
A real Old Witches brew!

From New Years Day to Christmas Eve
We never had a fear
A dose of Mother’s remedies
Would wipe each tear!

Dedicated to all our Mother’s who knew all natures secrets and were even prepared to share a few with us!
By John Knight

Artist The Herbal Goddess by Holly Sierra
Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook https://www.facebook.com/SnowwolfsWoodlandNook/

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