#FridayFantasy . . . .dusk is a potent, magical time…

“Between the setting of the sun and the black of night, dusk is a potent, magical time, for in its eerie half-light (according to folklore everwhere) one can cross the borders dividing our mundane world from supernatural realms…” A look at some enchanted realms and their inhabitants…

By Terri Windling, “Myth and Moor,”

Illustration for Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” (Into Faerie) by Charles Vess.
Text and image source: Edmund Dulac on Facebook

4 thoughts on “#FridayFantasy . . . .dusk is a potent, magical time…

  1. God is neither light nor darkness , neither inside or outside , neither sound nor silence , this is known as NETI NETI in Santan Dharma or Eternal Law of Cosmos in India in Hindu Mythology which is pure modern Science , but another way to define God is Every thing is God or Zero Energy , Dusk is a Sacred time in all religions that is the reason In India Hindu worship meeting of light and darkness one in the morning and one in the Evening with lighting a earthen lamp or a candle , Love all.


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