High recognitions . . . Happy Festival Of The Radiant Star


The Festival of the Rose,
the Festival of Thanksgiving,
the Festival of the Holy Love of the All-Father,
the Festival of of the Radiant Star…


“… Therefore every believer shall look forward to the future with tranquil confidence,

and not be alarmed at anything that may happen in the coming years.

If he can look up with confidence to
God no harm will come to him…”

– Abdruschin. –

Text & image source: Obinna Magnobi https://www.facebook.com/obinna.magnobi

7 thoughts on “High recognitions . . . Happy Festival Of The Radiant Star

  1. Even in the past I have used one or, two of your explanation as a full post
    and I do not charge any fees for posts here. My joy is to allow my visitors
    read and perceive the fine aspects of life. In doing so I give freely but,
    I also recognize that a majority of my readers may not have reached the level
    of recognition I may have attained over the years so, I keep it simple and only point the
    way to the Truth for those who are vigilant and serious. Some of your explanations are too
    in-depth and require a pre-understanding of The Grail Message which my average reader does not
    possess. To post your deeply insightful explanations would amount to the
    proverbial “casting pearls before the swine” and may even end up provoking anger
    and derogatory comments


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