Friday the 13th!

There are countless dark superstitions and myths surrounding Friday, 13th. As soon as the 13th day of a month in the modern era calendar falls on a Friday it is branded a Black Friday and considered an unlucky day !
In the US and other western countries, the risk of a transport accident may be increased by as much as 52 percent on the day; many would not dine in restaurants, go to work or even think of setting a wedding on that date! They recommend, ‘Stay at home’!
No hard word for anyone though; it is bad enough that the number 13 is associated with ominous events so, when it falls on a Friday, the historical “hanging day” you can then see why these people decide to cringe under their beds for the 24 hours of the day to blow past
Not for us incurable optimists! We look forward to a great day with hope and trust in the Grace of the Most High so long we make the effort to live aright!
If stones and obstacles cross our paths in the course of the day, they can only help us untie karmic knots, purify our souls and learn the real lessons of Life….the day’s story still has a happy ending and the old saying is “all is well that ends well”!
it’s a great day already and I wish my friends the best of luck!

Text Source: A repost on PurpleRays
Photo credit: Angelmoon tarot

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