Abd-ru-shin goes Home!



Abd-ru-shin, the author of “In The Light of Truth” (The Grail Message), departed earth life on the 6th of December, 1941! Once again the Darkness succeeded in curtailing the work of an Envoy of the Light and forced a premature departure!
Epochal events were unfolding in all the spheres and found earthly actors and theatre in Adolf Hitler, the German people and World Wars 1 & 2! Matters came to boiling-point when a popular movement to heal bruised German psyche took a devious ideological/esoteric curve and fanned the embers of hate, revenge, superiority complex and the lust for power.
Pure concepts were twisted to achieve the sole purpose of earthly domination and control: The Third Reich which was meant to be the foundation and fulfillment of prophesies for a new worldwide ‘nation’ of spiritually emancipated human beings was mistaken for a territorial Kingdom under one government and brutally prosecuted as…

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