If you see a fairy ring!

“If you see a fairy ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tiptoe as you pass;
Last night fairies frolicked there,
And they’re sleeping somewhere near.”

― William Shakespeare

Artist Annie Stegner
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook https://www.facebook.com/Snowwolfswoodlandnook/

3 thoughts on “If you see a fairy ring!

  1. as when you find a rare glade, where no human has often passed, there is a feeling of the sublime, which is hard to put into words, thanks for the post, there are pictures of fairy people caught on camera in the twenties, so who knows who lives all around us, as I often hear the steps of a dancer on the floor before me, when listening to music, and its for real, amen


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