Full Moon Blessings!

The Full Hunter Moon in Aries on October 13 can stir strong and challenging emotions. This
will be a time of rather high energies due to a celestial alignment of Moon, Sun and Pluto
forming a T-square pattern being at the same degree in their corresponding signs (Aries,
Libra and Capricorn). These energies can trigger some negative reactions, dramatic decisions
and angry resolutions. So, try to stay grounded, neutral and calm. Let your wisdom, not fear
guide you through challenges, shifts and transformations. Remember, that every storm
eventually runs out of rain, so this powerful celestial energy will recede cleansing the space
for new beginnings.

Text & image credit: Rivers in the Ocean https://www.facebook.com/RiversInTheOcean/

3 thoughts on “Full Moon Blessings!

  1. Indeed, this moon may be crucial to our survival. Read the interpretation regarding this celestial bag of wonders. It all essentially refers to tougher than not issues and an implied expectation of greater good; the spiral prisms which emerge from pressurize coal. We can only speak of hope.


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