Happy New Month and Welcome to the Season of Thanksgiving!

Welcome to a Season of Thanksgiving!

October is a special month for Purpleraysblog; not only was the blog lunched on WordPress in October, the birthday of the “last hand” behind the blog is also in October! October will therefore, always be a month to count our blessings!

Now to the big picture!

October ushers in a season of celebrations and observances. China, the most populous country in the world is celebrating her National Day today, 1st October; so also is today the Independence Day of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa!
Later in the month, countries like Austria, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and about eight others will celebrate their National, Independence, Republic, Liberation or Unification Days, respectively. Cap this with October as the United Nations Month and you see why almost every nation has a big occasion in the month.
The United Nations! No matter the shortcomings of the organization, it is difficult to believe that the world would have been a better place without the United Nations and its affiliate bodies. Let’s give a high-five and clink glasses to its lofty goals and service personnel! Men and women who sacrifice their comfort and, in many instances, put their lives on the line for the rest of us to have peace, live in harmony with one another including citizens of other countries and deal with the ravages of hunger, diseases, poverty and human rights violations!
Preparations for the now secularized Christian Festival of Christmas and New Year gather steam!
Very soon,  harvest thanksgiving services, bazaars, clearance sales, decorations, gift packs, Carols, fireworks, corporate get-togethers and prize-giving events, etc. will fill the air. As a friend once said, October is the last month of sanity before the end-of-year madness!
All for good; the joys, frills and thrills of the season are too good to miss! If madness is made of such pleasant stuff, who wants to be sane?
Happy New Month and have a great season of love, joy and thanksgiving, dear friends:

It may not have been a great year for you!
The whirlwind may have engulfed you!
The storms may have swirled and bashed upon you!
The locust and crows may have swarmed and heckled!
Not a great year but a Great Faith you have,
Sight dimmed but piercing and focused!
Tossed hither and thither but afloat and sailing,
Spirit undaunted by ravaging pests!
Weep no more! Your Season of Harvest is Here!
Time to Count the many Blessings you may have overlooked,
To Sing and Make a Joyful Noise unto the Most High,
Your Ever-present Help that brought you this far!

Photo Credit:Lilium – Lilies &  Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Happy New Month and Welcome to the Season of Thanksgiving!

  1. thanks to the legions of helpers, the friends who appeared out of nowhere, the nobodies who became friends, how the web of our understanding grew and grew, so let us wonder at the start of October, and wonder at the changes, the leaves drop their green is gold, then they rust, and we wonder how all these colors were possible, then we only have to look up, have a great year ahead, amen


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