The Week of Purity . . . The Gift and the Woman

“It is womanhood, the woman, whom the Creator once chose to be the Guardian of the Flame of Holy Longing for the Light in all His Creations,
for which purpose
He endowed her with the most delicate intuitive perception !
She came into existence in order to receive the radiations of the Light without hindrance, and to pass them on in the purest way to the man as well as to her particular surroundings.
For this reason she exerts her influence no matter where she may be.
Through her nature she has been gifted for this. –
Abdruschin –
Let us supplicate…!!!
May this Festival fortify your resolve to regaining your post oh sister spirits of Subsequent Creation.
Through the Ray of this Festival, may His abundant Grace fill your being with the constant reminder to always long to fulfill your lofty task.
May His Peace be with you.

Text and image source: Obinna Magnobi

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