The Week of Purity#5. . . The Day is here…!

Eventually the day is here …!
The Grace of the Almighty Father grants the entire Creation a drop of Purity from the Chalice of the Pure Lily…descending from sphere to sphere.
And the woman of subsequent creation is allowed to partake of the Ray of this Festival.
At High Noon the miracle will happen…
Glorious is the Everlasting Faithfulness that grants us this Grace.
From Unsubstantiality to the Primordial Queen, through Irmingard the Pure Lily to the Castle, the cool radiance descends into the wonderful Creation.
Passing through millions of Helpers this Ray seek you Womanhood of the Earth.
Drink of this endowment oh spirit sisters so that you fortify your post and fulfill your lofty vocation.
May the good Lord grant it.

Text and image source: Obinna Magnobi

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