High recognitions . . . . The week of Purity…!


The week of Purity…!
You shall receive the endowment from the Chalice of Purity oh you Womanhood of Creation.

You sister spirits in Subsequent Creation…open wide your vessels… your chalices…
So that in seven days a’come you too shall receive the fullness of the drops of Whiteness from the Queen of Purity….

Queen Irmingard… the Pure Lily…
First Virtue, Guardian of the Garden of Purity… First from the Radiation of the Primordial Queen. Whiteness… Crowned in Eternity… and further…Protected by the Holy Grail…

May you receive from Her white hands…!!! From the Chalice of Purity.

May the good Lord grant you the strength of humility, and may the Blessing from the Chalice of Purity help you fulfill your lofty vocation.


Text & image credit: Obinna Magnobi https://www.facebook.com/obinna.magnobi

One thought on “High recognitions . . . . The week of Purity…!

  1. Dear Obinna Magnobi!

    These words are better than the last ones!
    But why do you use so often …!
    Especially wrong with :

    Lion of Light


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