September Rays…!!!

The Ray of Purity approaches.
Soon, very soon
The Queen of Purity
The Pure Lily
Crowned in Eternity
Queen of Whiteness
First Virtue
First in Eternity
Soon, very soon
She will raise the Chalice
To bestow Whiteness…
Soon, very soon
Will drink from the fullness
Of Eternal Purity
In humble Faithfulness
She shall Fulfill…in all the Plans of this wonderful Creation.

May the good Lord grant this:


Text & image source: Obinna Magnobi

3 thoughts on “September Rays…!!!

  1. Dear Obinna Magnobi, you try to to good, but your words are false!

    “Be careful, be not tricked; God is not made sport of: for whatever seed a man puts in, that will he get back as grain.”

    “Brothers, if a man is taken in any wrongdoing, you who are of the Spirit will put such a one right in a spirit of love; keeping watch on yourself, for fear that you yourself may be tested.
    Because every man is responsible for his part of the work.”

    “But let him who gets teaching in the word give a part in all good things to his teacher.”

    Mr. Udo Ndah!
    Do you remember your words?

    “Thank you Lion of Light,
    Let me reach humanity with simple unassuming words
    Let me stumble and learn and when I am ready
    I will find you again if you are The One!”

    Lion of Light


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