Happy Full Sturgeon Moon!

The Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on August 15th!
Full Moons are often times of amplified, overpowering emotions and feelings. Everything
feels exceedingly personal, and in order to stay balanced it takes conscious and consistent
efforts. Aquarius has ability to cleanse and transmute dense emotions into something light
and constructive. Having this Full Moon in opposition to Venus, reminds us to bring lightness
and love into the world simply by choosing to love in any our actions or reactions. This is
where lies our power to sooth the pain and heal the suffering of the world at the deepest
level. Be open, and let the Moon help you hear the whispers of love in your heart and
manifest it in compassionate actions. Choose Love, Be Love!

Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean https://www.facebook.com/RiversInTheOcean/

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