“Dog Days of Summer” . . . . folks were tougher back then.

The Dog Days of Summer were always a hot miserable time and they came every year, (as Grandpa said, “On the tenth of July,” when the Dog Star came up again in the Eastern sky. He also said they would end about the middle of August when a thunderstorm came to “break the heat” and send them back down south where they came from.

On many a day, we worked in the hot fields and prayed for rain, but almost always, none came during Dog Days. Our dog, (Old Blue) stayed in the shade: with his tongue hanging out and I would almost bet he was thinking, “Hee hee! Don’t you wish you was me?”

So it was said, “Kill a snake and hang it on a fence or a limb and rain will surely come.” The only problem with that, during Dog Days, snakes stayed deep in the ground and were mighty hard to find. So! What did we do when it was 90 in the shade? We buckled up, slaved away in the hot fields of summer and became as tough as an old shoe.

Looking back from today, I think folks were tougher back then. I surely was.

Via Wayne Easter

Text & image source: The REAL Linnie’s Place https://www.facebook.com/linniesplace2/

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