#WingedJewels . . . .Humming Bird

The rain has stopped,
And daylight delays.
The night is calm;
And anticipates its rays.
As morning breaks through,
Like a deer thru the hedge;
She is already found
At a rose petal’s edge.
Such a simple life,
Portrayed in such hurry.
Though its all in a day’s work;
There is no time for her to worry.
Gathering nectar for food,
Her song she plays loud.
Though merely a result of her flight,
Her song she plays proud!
So the next time you see her,
Don’t say a single word.
For you will have just missed
The song of the Humming Bird!

By Brandon S. Hesse

Artist Oleg Gavrilov Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook https://www.facebook.com/Snowwolfswoodlandnook/

2 thoughts on “#WingedJewels . . . .Humming Bird

  1. the fluttering wings of a humble bumble bee, weaving its way through the smog, hoping to find a clean wind, it’s little air sacs doing all it can to breathe, like your hummingbird, it’s getting more difficult, but we have to be hopeful, amen


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