Beltane Blessings to All!!!

The wheel of the year turns to Beltane (or May day), Earth-centered holiday of fertility,
abundance, union, blessings, and looking forward. It is a halfway between the Spring
Equinox and the Summer Solstice. The energies of Earth are rising, the mysteries of new life
approaching and transforming the land and all surroundings. Traditionally, Beltane is
celebrated with bonfires, dancing around Maypoles and flower planting. It is the perfect time
to fertilize our dormant dreams with actions, sowing seeds of good intentions towards their
fruition. We can also observe Beltane by sending our blessings to the earth, sun, moon, sky,
stars, waters, air, trees, flowers, plants, every living creature and us all.
Wishing you all health and fortune in this time of light!

Art by Wendy Andrew
Text & image credit: Rivers in the Ocean

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