When sorrows palette,…

When sorrows palette, all of grey
Colours, covers all my days
I’m not that blithe and brilliant Saint
Who can simply smile and paint
A bold new shade of cheery rose,
Obscuring all my dreary woes,
But I can use my little brush to dab and and dab.

With each small joy I seek and find,
Each glimpse of nobler humankind, 
Each precious scrap of happy news,
I can fleck some brighter hues;
I can practice and persist,
And learn to be a pointillist,
To lighten up the somber palette
Bit by bit by bit.

By J M Tillman.

Artist Rovina Cai
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook https://www.facebook.com/Snowwolfswoodlandnook/

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