Inside each faith
is another
that does not insist on a creed
and a set of complete explanations.
Inside of every ritual
there is a still point
to which every ritual returns
for its meaning.
Inside each church
there is another
without buildings, committees and membership lists.
Inside of each florid god
speaking in the white voice of the mind,
is a wordless god
speaking to the singular heart
in dark syllables of healing.
That is where we are all connected,
where your hand becomes my eye
and my thought becomes your action.
Here god roams freely,
not bound or tied down,
speaking in the six billion voices
that he has learned from us,
like we have learned them from him.
That is where
the outstretched hand
~ danke Ulrich Schaffer !





Text & image credit: Johanna von Bernus @ ‎THE CELESTIAL SANCTUM


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