Full Cold Moon Blessings!




Full Cold Moon Blessings!
The Winter Solstice and the Full Moon are happening less than a day apart! It is
a symbolic dance of the Darkness and the Light. Even when we experience the dark
night of the soul, the inner Light is always present. We cannot recognize the
Light unless we have experienced the Darkness. We need to gently balance between
these states, and remember that we come to the Earth plane to experience it all.
Let’s embrace both light and dark, and find our innate wholeness and awakening.
Now is the perfect time to rest and reflect before regeneration and renewal
processes of transformative spiritual alchemy. Let’ honor the Mother Moon for
her luminous guidance in the dark times, and encouragement to shine our own






Text & image source: Rivers in the Ocean https://www.facebook.com/RiversInTheOcean/

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