High recognitions . . . .’Numbers are the Essence of Everything in Creation



“The universal language of vibration is articulated by number and expressed
through geometric ratios that define sound, colour (light,) and form. Everything
in Creation is designed and defined by these archetypal patterns. It is the
geometric expression of these archetype energies that open our intuitive
awareness and understanding of these energy characteristics. Numbers and the
symbols that express them have the same meaning throughout this world’s
cultures, and indeed, it is this language that is truly universal.

Learning the language of vibration embarks one on the journey of Creation
itself, unfolding from the Source of all-that-is (and all that shall be!), from

1.) Unity (1)= Power
2.) Division (2)= Creation
3.) Multiplication (3) = Light
4.) Manifestation (4) = Nature
5.) Reproduction/Transformation (5) = Love
6.) Reflection/Balance (6) = Might
7.) Evolution (7) = Will
8.) Infinite-Awareness (8) = Spirit
9.) Enlightened Perfection (9) = Faith

The Laws of Numbers is a great mysterious Knowledge in Creation NOW being
UNVEILED in the sense of The Eternal Laws of Creation or Nature bearing and
expressing the Perfect Will of The Almighty, as they swing throughout all the
Realms of Creation in the eternal rhythm, synchronicity and harmonics….”

~Herbert Vollmann






Text & image source: Jude Teme Adonne https://www.facebook.com/timadonne/posts/10158114431180200


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