High recognitions . . . . between nature beings and demons




“Among other races there are still those who are aware of the existence of
the enteals(nature beings); but their belief is so deeply contaminated by the
fear of demons, that the original truth embedded in their belief is barely
recognized. They mistake the demons, whose terrifying forms they can often
perceive, for beings of nature. They certainly do not conceive that the human
beings themselves created those demoniac forms – forms of hatred, jealousy,
addictions, animosity, and so forth.”

– Roselis von Sass (The Book of the Last Judgment)
The author draws inspiration from “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin






Text & image source: Garden of Illumination https://web.facebook.com/Garden-of-Illumination-1433140463620723/


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