Mermaid Magic.


Mermaid Magic.

Beneath the foam, they make their home, in Caribbean blue
And watch the technicolor schools, of fish parades, pass through.
The Mermaids gather, in the caves, to dress, in sea-tossed treasure.
No worry they, what price was paid, for jewels, that bring them pleasure.
To see a beauteous Mermaid rise, can bring a man, to sorrow,
Searching, to find herm once again, through all, of his tomorrows.
Their gracefulness is magical, their eyes, a green whirlpool,
That draw man in, full fathoms, deep, to find a fate, of fools.
For Mermaids were not made, for man, except, for Merman kind,
And men are wise, who cover eyes, and leave them, far behind.
They do not seek, to bring, to ruin, those, who are mesmerized.
They simply can’t control the magic, swirling, in their eyes.

Donna L. Ferguson Dudley copyright 2015 11/01/15





Art Miho Hirano
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook


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