Contemplation for August 2018: Any unused gift or power becomes a man’s doom!

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Man was given high ideals. They lie slumbering in the depth of his soul.

Let them awaken!

Do not repress any impulse that makes you feel bliss.
It is the beginning of the path to fulfillment of duty toward God and it leads via the fulfilment of duty toward your fellowmen!

Help and support your fellowman.
It is the way of fulfilling what you owe him!
For you men are on your journey in order to mature through and with each other!
It is of no benefit to you if you do not harm anyone by isolating yourself and keeping away from people.
You would thus neglect your duty!

The heaven of recognition, however, will bless him and open for the one who connected with people and was then able to detach himself again, since he was able to thereby experience everything that he needed and that, at the same time,
helped his fellowman to advance.

Take the gifts you were given for your journey and let them blossom even though you regard them as small compared to those of your neighbor; they all have the same value!

The only thing that matters is how you use them; whether they bring blessing or harm.

No matter how insignificant they may appear, correctly used in your hands they can be of much greater benefit than those that appear greater but are not fully utilized.

Any unused gift or power becomes a man’s doom!

Only a man who fulfills his duty has the right to live in this Creation!
He alone has the right to exist!

~ Abdruschin. —Author of “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth)






Text & image source: Obinna Magnobi

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