The Day of the Mayans!



As 21st December, 2012 approached humanity was deep in frenzy! The Mayans had earlier predicted that a great cosmic cataclysm which may wipe out the world was in the offing!

I still remember the ominous 12: 21: 12! The media, mystics, scientists and the hoax pages on the internet buzzed with pros and cons. The anxiety was palpable as we drew closer to the dooms date. Even those who trashed the prediction could not calm our nerves when asked: what if? What if the Mayans are right after all?

Like I said some days later, “…the Mayans were both right and wrong! They were right because 12: 21 is the winter solstice and on such days the earth is aligned to peculiar radiation frames that make the day special or stand out. The solstice of 2012 was particularly spectacular because it coincided with incisive cosmic movements which some call the…

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